Learn/Take Flight

So. How do you teach yourself to paint, build a global audience, launch a successful online shop, write a bestselling book, get featured in glossy magazines & have your art licensed to national retailers — in just a few short years? While learning to manage your time, energy, priorities & fears — and telling the truth, every step of the way?

It’s not easy. It takes bravery. And it all begins by awakening your inner Possibilitarian: the little whisper of your spirit that says, “oh yes … you can.”

I deeply believe in sharing my resources, my how-to’s, and everything else I’ve learned along my journey.

And so, I’ve created a popular e-book, a bestselling book, and  a soul stirring painting e-course to support you on your Possibilitarian path.

Choose the offering that tugs at your heart … and away you fly!



“I’m getting validation, inspiration, new toys, and a gentle push to…let go of the ‘shoulds’, to have MORE fun. I seriously can’t stop laughing/weeping with gratitude. Thank you, thank you, thank you for giving me not what I expected, but what I needed. This is SO. WONDERFULLY. FUN!!!!!”

I’ll help you create a mantra (or two, or three, or four) that speaks to your soul — and then we’ll paint them into life using all of my beloved and easy mixed media techniques. Hello paint, paper, ink, and getting beautifully messy with our hands.  Whether you’re new to the world of mixed-media painting or have been at it for years, this e-course will inspire you to create meaningful, richly layered paintings that speak directly to your heart. I will walk you through every step, side by side. Class is open! Come join us! Click here for all the details!



“Thank you for being so generous and thorough in everything you covered! I’ve taken several e-courses and read many e-books, but this is by far the most practical and actually makes me feel like I can do it. Awesome.”

This E-book is a game changer.  I answer all your practical questions while sharing my own personal stories of what’s worked, and what hasn’t worked as I built my creative business. Jam-packed with concrete information and tips so that you, too, can create your own success. The testimonials pour in each week (thank you) + I’m grateful for the opportunity to offer up information that I wish I had had when I started my own creative business. Click here for all the details!


“Kelly Rae Roberts is an amazingly talented artist and apparently equally gifted as a writer as well. This book is a journey from her soul right into yours. It’s part journal, part sitting around getting deep with your girlfriends, part interviews with other talented artists and part art instruction…This book is a treasure that I know I will refer to again and again.”

With over 150 reviews and a five star ranking on Amazon, my book, Taking Flight: Inspiration + Techniques To Give Your Creative Spirit Wings, will inspire you to let your creative spirit shine. Full of art projects, my favorite techniques, inspiration and more, this book will ignite your creative spark.