Every day, I receive emails from creative souls — just like you — asking for my advice. Advice on how to build a global audience, launch a successful online shop, sell original paintings, write a book, get featured in glossy magazines & have your art licensed — while navigating the challenges of a cross-country move, a marriage, a baby, and more. 

I know exactly where you’re coming from. Just a few years ago, that was me — sending heartfelt emails out to artists & entrepreneurs I admired. I always wished that there was some way I could access their brains, just for a moment. And that kind of direct-line-of-access is exactly what I want to offer, to you.

So! I’ve created a series of four e-books called Flying Lessons: Tips & Tricks To Help Your Creative Business Soar. Each one contains my very best resources and how-to’s for creative entrepreneurs: painters, sculptors, jewelers, crafters, writers, and more.

You can own all four — or pick & choose whichever feel especially useful, right now.

Your dream is not impossible. Quite the opposite. Take it from a passionate Possibilitarian, who knows.

“The content totally exploded my mind and continues to push me into all new places…Kelly is generous beyond belief. I wish I’d “met” Kelly when I was a fledgling business woman and yet there were still volumes to learn from her rich content. What I have learned is helping me to prioritize my creative business and stay true to my creative spirit.”

In this e-book, I spill all of my secrets on how to create an effective online presence via blogs, websites, and social networking – and why this is crucial to your creative biz success. I also share strategies on facing our inevitable fears as we reach for our creative biz dreams, and so much more. Along the way, personal stories of what’s worked (and what hasn’t) as I built my own successful creative biz ALL THE DETAILS HERE!

“I have struggled so long on my own as an artist, succumbing to the fear over and over. Marketing, follow through, and consistency have been the biggest challenges. Now I feel as though I have a mentor, cheering me on and laying out the steps one by one. There’s only one direction to go from here!! Thank you Kelly Rae for your generosity of spirit!”

In part two, I share everything I’ve learned about effective, soul-centered marketing strategies (it’s not as hard as you think). I also share how to increase traffic to your online shop, effectively price, style, and photograph your work. I also answer all of your burning questions on how to make prints, how to sell your work offline (wholesale, boutiques, craft shows!), copyright issues, and more! ALL THE DETAILS HERE!

“Holy Camoly. Where in the world could we find all this info in such a short time, from someone who KNOWS? It would have taken me a LIFETIME…thank you so much Kelly Rae!”

In part three, I share all of my secrets on how to get press and how to get published (magazines, books, etc!), including in-depth interviews with Christen Olivarez (editor-in-chief of Somerset Magazines) and Tonia Davenport (acquisitions editor for North Light books – same publisher who published my book). I also go into detail about licensing, copyright issues, and effective ways to diversify your creative biz income (crucial). I often get asked how I get so much done – in this e-book, I share my time management strategies and how to actualize goals, and SO MUCH MORE! ALL THE DETAILS HERE!

“I cannot thank you enough for this wonderful content and the fact that it was not just informative, but that you, yourself, Kelly Rae, came shining through, making it all so personal. This is the most amazing, WORTH IT content I have ever read.”

In this e-book, you get it all! It’s parts 1, 2, + 3 combined into one big e-book AND you also get membership to the private Facebook group where oodles of supportive friends are waiting for you. The e-book includes everything you ever wanted to know about creating an online presences (blogs, websites, social networking), marketing, licensing, getting press/published, selling online + offline, time management, actualizing goals, copyright, building community, facing fears, burnout, personal stories of what’s worked for me (and what hasn’t worked), interviews with successful artists, and SO MUCH MORE! ALL THE DETAILS HERE!